I am a third year PhD student studying computer architecture at MIT. I’m advised by Professor Daniel Sanchez. I am interested in working across the hardware-software interface: designing new hardware, but also building the software needed to efficiently use it.

I’m currently working on accelerating fully homomorphic encryption.

I did my undergrad at CMU. There, I got started in computer architecture research with Professor Nathan Beckmann. I had summer internships at Nvidia and beloved 90s tech company Yahoo.



F1: A fast and programmable accelerator for fully homomorphic encryption

Axel Feldmann*, Nikola Samardzic*, Aleksandar Krastev, Srini Devadas, Ron Dreslinski, Chris Peikert, and Daniel Sanchez
MICRO 2021

* authors contributed equally

Livia: Data-centric computing throughout the memory hierarchy

Eliot Lockerman, Axel Feldmann, Mohammad Bakhshalipour, Alexandru Stanescu, Shashwat Gupta, Daniel Sanchez, and Nathan Beckmann